Friday April 26

All events are in Accolade East 207 or 209 unless otherwise noted.

During breaks we will be playing video documentation from the project “Performing the/a Pedestrian Performance of Place: The Off-the-Grid Poiesis of Walking cARTography” by Bronwyn Preece.


Coffee and registration (ACE 207)

9:30-10:30am – Keynote 

Keynote Discussion by Jan Cohen-Cruz and Morgan Jenness: “Using a Historical Toolbox to Think Out-of-the-Box for the Future” (ACE 207)

10:45-12:15pm – Session 1

Workshop – “other orders: a participatory workshop on archiving & amplifying street art” (ACE 209)

  •  Facilitated by Ryan Hayes (York University)

Paper Panel A – “Negotiating and Contesting Nationalisms through Public Intervention” (ACE 207) (Chair: Wiktor Kulinkski, York University) 

  • Kerry Whigham (New York University), “Intersecting Violence:  HIJOS, Practices of Intersection and Biopoetics in Post-Dirty War Argentina”
  • Darja Davydova (York University), “(Dis)organization of public feelings: Nationalism and anarchy on the streets of Vilnius”
  • Colin Lalonde (University of Warwick; University of Arts Belgrade), “Unlisted Yet Possessed Spaces: A Challenging Incident of Contesting Public and Private Space in a Transitional Belgrade”

Performance installation – “Void Simulacrum” (10:45-1:30pm) (Harry W. Arthurs Common)

  • By Kaloyan Ivanov

12:15-1:30pm – Lunch (Fireside Lounge)

1:30-2:30 – Session 2

Curated Paper Panel – “Fat in the City: Multimodal Body Activisms of Corpulent Proportions” (ACE 209)

  • Panelists: Jill Andrew (York University), Aisha Fairclough (Television Producer; Programming Director, BITE ME!)

Paper Panel B – “Cannibalistic Appetites: Desire, Consumption, Subversion” (ACE 207) (Chair: Rebecca Halliday, York University)

  • Natalie Doonan (Concordia University), “Consuming Publics: Street Performance in Montreal”
  • Joanna Donehower (Concordia University), “Curiocité and the Street: Imagining Rue Ontario through the Practices of Curiosity, Comedy, and Commerce”

 2:45-4:15 – Session 3

Paper Panel C –  “Rupturing the Quotidian Gaze: Ground, Sky and Promenade” (ACE 209) (Chair: Terri Hawkes, York University)

  • Zita Nyarady (York University), “The Role of the Stilt Performance in Political Street Theatre (as told from a bird eye view)
  • Aidan Dahlin Nolan (New York University), “Becoming Still: exploring the politics of stagnation”

Paper Panel D – “Exercising the Imagination: The (R)evolutionary Power of Play” (ACE 207) (Chair: David Owen, York University)

  • Lauren Beck (Northwestern University), “Exercising the Imagination: The Theatre of Zombies Run”
  • Alex Megelas (McGill University; Concordia University), “Sports for the People, by the People: Anarchist Soccer, Body Politics and Educational Autonomy”
  • Veronica Schiavo (University of Innsbruck; University of Trento), “Mercutio Doesn’t Want to Die”: Notes Concerning a Street (Anti) Tragedy with the Actors of Volterra’s Prison and Citizens”

4:30-6pm – Roundtable (Fireside Lounge)

  • Roundtable Discussion: “On Street Activism Today” (Fireside Lounge)
  • Participants: Jan Cohen-Cruz, Heather Jarvis, Morgan Jenness, Laura Levin, Camille Turner

8pm – Pub Night (Victory Cafe)

  • Victory Cafe (581 Markham St). Directions from York: take the TTC to Bathurst Station and exit on Markham street. Cross Bloor Street and continue down Markham. The Victory Cafe is one block south of Bloor.