Organizer Bios

Helene Vosters is a PhD student in Theatre Studies at York University where her
performance and research focus is on the role of public mourning practices in
the construction of narratives of death related to militarism and war. Helene
performed Impact Afghanistan War throughout Canada, the U.S. and Europe has
presented Unravel: a meditation on the warp and weft of militarism at
Edmonton’s Visualeyez Performance Art Festival (2011), at the Festival of
Original Theatre in Toronto (2012) and at PSi #18 and the LUDUS Festival in
Leeds, UK (2012).

Kim McLeod is a PhD student in Theatre Studies at York University whose dissertation research
investigates the politicisation of intermedial performance. Her ongoing performance practice
questions political engagement and gender in digital interactions. Most recently, she co-devised
the intermedial performance Straight Talk, which examines the role of nonprogressive activism
in the Canadian media landscape. She is also an active dramaturg and performer whose work has
been shown at projecttheater Dresden, Wereldculturencentrum Zuiderpershuis (Antwerp), Lesya
Ukrainka National Theatre (Kiev), Riverside Studios (London) and Assembly (Edinburgh).

Shira Schwartz is completing her PhD in Theatre Studies at York University. Her area of research
is performing Jewishness and sexuality. She also works on ethnography, dramaturgy, and new
play development.